Platinum and diamonds are ranked in the top 10 materials that are more expensive than gold and are materials for making high-end jewelry. So Platinum or diamond, which is more expensive and precious? Let's find out in the article below!

What is platinum?

Platinum, also known as Platinum, is an extremely rare metal. It is often used to make precious jewelry. Since ancient times, platinum has been considered a jewelry material reserved only for the nobility.

Platinum is inert and corrodes very little even at high temperatures, so it is considered a precious metal. Platinum has a gray-white color and is about 50% higher in volume than white gold because of its high purity and high density.

Platinum is one of the rarest elements in the earth's crust with an average distribution density of about 0.005 mg/kg. Currently, 80% of the world's platinum reserves are distributed mainly in South Africa, in nickel and copper ores. Mining output per year is only about a few hundred tons, so it can be said that Platinum is very rare and highly valuable.

And this precious platinum material is used in some of the following jobs:

Working as a catalyst in laboratories, of course, is important for experiments, especially because of the preciousness of platinum.

Used to make telegraph equipment, electrodes, and platinum resistance thermometers with almost absolutely high accuracy, durability, and safety.

Used to produce dental equipment for human health care.

Finally, it is an application to produce jewelry that is considered the most high-end and luxurious in the world.

What are diamonds?

Diamond is one of two shapes of Cabon with high hardness and the best refractive ability among the materials chosen to make precious jewelry. Natural diamonds are created with carbon-containing minerals under very high temperatures and pressures, so wherever these elements are found, there can be diamonds.

However, mining natural diamonds is very difficult because mining conditions are at a depth of about 150km and temperatures of about 1200 degrees Celsius (2200 degrees Fahrenheit). This is why the value of diamonds is often considered very high. And there are many standards to evaluate the quality of diamonds, notably volume, color, clarity as well as shape.

Currently, diamonds are mainly used for the following purposes:

Mining diamonds for use in jewelry production with the most expensive high-end items in the world, only for rich people.

Use diamonds to make drill bits, or saw blades used to cut tempered glass, and use diamond powder to make cutting tool grinding powder.

Using diamond to transmit infrared radiation and shortwave radiation is based on properties such as diamond being very hard, chemically inert, and having high thermal conductivity and low coefficient of thermal expansion.

Which is more expensive and precious, platinum or diamond?

Jewelry made from platinum and diamonds has a shiny appearance. Each design has its own unique beauty. Styles change but all bring satisfaction to customers. Which is more expensive, platinum or diamond, is still an issue that many people are concerned about when buying jewelry. Many people believe that diamond jewelry is more expensive than platinum. Because jewelry made from diamonds is still more popular. But that's not the case. Platinum and diamonds are materials with similar prices, there is not as much difference in price as you might think. The difference in price between the two types of jewelry is due to the volume and design of each product.

In short, with the best things that both Platinum and Diamond possess, this will be the best duo, the most perfect combination to enhance each other's beauty and bring eternal beauty and elegance. , class for jewelry.

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