Diamonds are rare gemstones with "noble" beauty, making everyone desire to own them. It is an accessory that many women wish to own. However, today counterfeiting diamonds is also becoming more common. To overcome this situation, the diamond tester was born and brought extremely good results. Let's find out What is a diamond tester? Please refer to the following article.

What is a diamond tester?

Diamond test pen is a product with a small, pointed tip, compact design, easy to carry with you. This product is used to identify stone hardness, thermal conductivity, thermal conductivity, etc. to assist in distinguishing between diamonds and other stones. It's not always easy to tell whether the product you're buying is made from real or fake diamonds. Therefore, if you are not sure about the quality of the stone you want to buy or own, use a tester or go to any store to have the stone tested.

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Usually diamond testing pens are made in a shape that fits one hand (the other hand to hold the stone/diamond) that needs to be tested. The pen will use rechargeable battery power for convenience in use. Includes a probe that makes contact with the product, a place to hold the product, a rechargeable battery, a light/result notification board, and a signal speaker.

The pen can test diamonds by properties: hardness, electrical conductivity or thermal conductivity... Depending on the pen type, it will test one of the above properties.

What is a diamond tester used for?

If you want to sell or trade your diamond, a diamond will usually be tested with a diamond tester, as they are not always easily identifiable.

Before repairing a piece of jewelry, jewelers need to check the structure of the stone because they have different resistance to heat, pressure and stress.

For customers, the first thing to do when buying is to identify your stone right in front of the seller.

If you are not sure about the stone you own, go to any store to ask and try the stone.

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How to use a diamond tester effectively

Each product has different operating principles and uses. Hardness tester with simple design. Easy to use but provides quick and accurate discrimination results. You just need to place the pen on the top of the stone and the pen will automatically analyze the data. Then notify you of real and fake stones according to parameters or sound. Currently, there are many types of test pens with different designs, effectiveness, and prices sold on the market to suit each person's needs. But the end result is that this type of pen can evaluate the authenticity of diamonds through a certain method.

What is a good diamond testing pen?

The stone tester is one of the accurate devices to test the authenticity of diamonds. However, you should be aware that pens that rely on thermal conductivity may mistake a moissanite for a diamond because they have similar thermal conductivity. This problem can be solved by using a device to test the conductivity of two stones, because they have different electrical conductivities.

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