Has it been a while since you took off the ring? Have you just tried on a ring and when you put it on it seems to fit, but you can't take it off? Don't panic, and don't rush to cut the ring either. Below will give you a few How to remove a tight ring out safely.

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Use 1 thread

With just a thread and 4 steps, you will learn how to easily remove a tight ring from your hand in the blink of an eye. This may seem hard to believe, but you will be completely convinced

  • Step 1: Use thread to wrap around the ring finger and thread it under the ring to remove the ring.

  • Step 2: Thread the thread between the ring and finger
  • Step 3: Wrap the thread around the knuckle
  • Step 4: Hold the end of the string and begin to slowly untie it, helping the ring slip off your finger easily.

Use cooking oil or soap to remove tight wedding rings

When you encounter a situation where the wedding ring refuses to leave its owner's hand, don't be too worried or hasty. We will help you get it out in just a snap.

Cooking oil or soap are very familiar everyday objects in housework. It seems that they are only used for cooking, washing hands and have no other uses, but you are wrong.

They will help you solve the problem of your wedding ring being so tight that you cannot take it out of your hand. This method is very simple and has been applied successfully in life by many people.

Soap and cooking oil both have one common property, they are both lubricating solutions that make the process of removing metal objects simpler. The first step you need to do is soak your ring hand in a soap solution with cold water.

Soap, when in contact with water and hand skin, will reduce friction between the skin of the hand and the wedding ring. In addition, cold water will make your pain pass faster, so it is considered a great combination when used with soap.

If your hands are sensitive to soap, you can switch to cooking oil. You just need to apply cooking oil to the finger wearing the wedding ring. After soaking with soap or lubricating with cooking oil, rotate the wedding ring slowly and gently to avoid hurting your hand.

Some notes after removing a tight wedding ring from your finger

After you have removed the wedding ring from your finger, you should note the following things.

Wash your hands, then dry them and check to see if your hands are scratched

Absolutely do not put the wedding ring back on your finger until it is resized

If your hand has a wound, let it heal before putting the ring back on

Article above C Jewelry Diamond provide readers with how to remove tight rings. Hopefully the above tips will help you remove your ring as quickly as possible.

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