Diamonds are considered a symbol of purity and innocence, the embodiment of strength, power, wealth, courage and an eternal symbol of love. And every girl wants to own a diamond jewelry. So you know how Choose your diamond shape according to your personality yours or not? The article below will help you find the answer.

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Emerald-shaped diamonds

There are not too many facets to shine brightly or hide flaws, so diamonds must have high color and purity to be chosen to be crafted in this Emerald form.

If diamonds of this type attract your interest, it shows that you are adventurous and like to explore.

As a confident person, you are always willing to try new things and are not afraid of the times you stumble.

Round diamonds

Round is the most popular diamond shape. This shape has elegant simplicity and symmetry, and can be attached to most different jewelry designs. In addition, round diamonds also have durable beauty and high brightness.

Choosing round diamonds, you are someone who loves sophistication, simplicity and class. A gift with a round diamond also carries the meaning of eternity, because simplicity is always the standard for the beauty of eternity.

Asscher diamond

This is the only form of diamond named after its inventor. Asscher diamonds are cut using the same technique as emeralds but have a more square shape. The asscher design was once exclusively registered, so the number of diamonds of this type on the market is quite limited. Choosing this diamond shape proves that you are elegant, feminine and love fashion. You consider updating fashion trends as well as feeling beautiful things to be an indispensable part of your life. That shows quite clearly in your dressing style.

Cushion diamonds

Like its name, diamonds cut in this way have a plump, soft appearance like a pillow with rounded square edges. Diamonds cut in this shape have quite good brilliance, second only to square and round shapes.

Choosing a diamond cut this way proves that you are a calm and generous person. In every situation, no matter how difficult it is, you always keep a cool head and analyze the situation in specific detail to come up with the most correct results. In addition, if you love this type of diamond, it also shows that you are a liberal person, willing to forgive others. For you, family and relationships are important things in life.

Pear or teardrop shaped diamonds (Pear)

The teardrop-shaped diamond has a classic, noble and graceful beauty. This is a popular diamond shape in classic and royal style designs.

The pear-shaped diamond will be the perfect gift and jewelry for feminine and gentle ladies.

Oval diamond

This shape will help the diamond appear larger than round diamonds of the same weight. However, oval diamonds often have a shallow bottom, which causes light to be attracted to the center of the stone, resulting in the illuminance of this shape not being high. If you choose an oval diamond, it proves that you are independent and extremely creative. You like to experience new things in your own way and are not afraid to take on new challenges or job positions.

Heart-shaped diamonds

With a romantic and attractive beauty, heart-shaped diamonds are often chosen by gentlemen as gifts for their beloved half. The stones chosen to be cut in this style must be large enough so that when finished, the heart shape appears clearly and the prongs are not hidden.

With its delicate and romantic beauty, heart-shaped diamonds will be loved by many girls. That shows that you are a fragile, sensitive girl who always lives by idealism. In love, you are a sweet person who always knows how to create romantic moments to further sublimate your relationship.

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