Which hand is correct to wear a wedding ring ? Which finger should the groom and bride wear their wedding rings on? There have been many couples wondering which hand and finger is best to wear their engagement ring. Because the wedding ring is a testament to eternal love, a sacred keepsake that any couple values. Let's Cao Diamond Find out!

Wedding ring - symbol of marriage

Why do people often perform the wedding ring ceremony at a wedding? Is this not a custom or ritual? For a long time, there has been a lot of concern about which hand to wear a wedding ring. In ancient Egypt, the wedding ring was a sacred symbol of a never-ending bond. Or in Greek times, a girl's acceptance of a man's wedding ring on her finger meant that she was bound both mentally and physically and was no longer as free as before.

Nowadays, wearing a wedding ring is almost an indispensable ritual in weddings in all countries around the world. Wearing a wedding ring is an act of affirming the connection between two people. Wedding rings are a symbol of love, a bond between couples.

When a girl accepts to let a boy wear a wedding ring on her hand, it proves that she has given all her trust, love, attachment and commitment to that boy and at the same time the boy has also accepted a one-of-a-kind bond. the most honest way with the other half of your life.

Which hand should you wear your wedding ring correctly and appropriately?

Normally, wedding rings are usually worn on the ring finger, except in some special countries. Each place has its own explanation for the meaning of this finger.

  • Westerners believe that the ring finger of the left hand has a blood vessel running straight to the heart, so they wear a wedding ring on that finger to symbolize unique, sincere love.
  • Eastern people believe that if the thumb represents parents, the index finger represents brothers, the middle finger represents ego, then the ring finger represents a partner and warm love between couples.
  • There are also some beliefs that the ring finger is a special finger, because when you fold the middle finger and then press the fingertips together, the other fingers will easily separate, only the two ring fingers cannot. cannot be separated, just like a husband and wife who are always united in suffering together.
  • In Vietnam, the traditional ring finger is always the ring finger and follows the concept of "male left, female right", meaning men wear rings on the left hand and women wear rings on the right hand.

For Brides: Women should wear their wedding ring on the ring finger and on the right hand. If there is an engagement ring, the bride will wear the engagement ring on the middle finger (of the right hand).

For the Groom: Men should wear the wedding ring on the ring finger (similar to the bride) but on the left hand.

Regardless of the explanation, as an unwritten rule, people assume that the ring lying humbly on the ring finger is the wedding ring with the declaration: I am married!

The wedding ring is a sacred keepsake of love that is indispensable in marriage and indispensable in wedding rituals. If we know how to appreciate, cherish and understand the profound meaning of the wedding ring, we will surely have a fulfilling life for the rest of our lives. The moment of exchanging wedding rings is the moment of agreeing to go together, to live with obligations and responsibilities to each other for the rest of our lives. Let's wear each other's wedding rings with all our sincerity and determination!

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