Diamonds are formed from carbon-containing minerals under the influence of very high temperatures and pressures from within the earth. Anywhere on Earth there can be diamonds because at a certain depth there will be a high enough temperature and high enough pressure to form. If you love and research diamond prices on the market, you will see that colored diamonds are many times more expensive than white diamonds. So natural colored diamonds What is that? Together Cao Diamond Find out in the article below!

Formation process

Natural diamonds are formed under special pressure and temperature conditions, a process that promotes chemical and physical reactions to turn graphite into diamonds. But this process takes a very long time and it is not easy to reach ideal temperature and pressure conditions.

Diamonds have a carbon crystal lattice structure, forming colorless transparent diamonds. But when one carbon element is replaced by another, diamonds will have different colors. Diamonds come in many different colors such as red, black, yellow, green, blue....


The number of colored diamonds is much less than white diamonds. On average, for every 10,000 white diamonds, one colored diamond is found. The number of colored diamonds is extremely small in nature. This is one of the reasons why diamond prices become expensive.

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About appearance

Ordinary diamonds have a beautiful, sparkling appearance that makes everyone fall in love when they admire them. Colored diamonds are more than that, unique colors make diamonds even more beautiful. According to experts, diamond color is a very important factor in determining price. The most expensive colored diamonds are 100 times more valuable than white diamonds. Brown and champagne-colored diamonds are quite popular and are widely used in the jewelry industry. But the price of brown diamonds is not too expensive, equivalent to colorless diamonds.

Natural colors of diamonds

Under natural conditions, natural diamonds will have common colors: gray, white, blue, yellow, orange, red, green... This color is formed through reactions with impurities, lack of or broken down into atomic structure. The diamond color water table below with detailed information helps you clearly visualize the types of diamonds.

  • Brown diamond

Brown diamonds are formed due to nickel, or ductile structural lattice defects. This is a relatively common type of diamond, which causes the true value of the gem to decrease when compared to other colors and gemstones.

  • Orange diamonds

Diamonds containing nitrogen will form orange gemstones. In the molecular structure, these atoms are arranged in a very neat and stable way. But in some cases, diamonds of this color will tend to turn brown, yellow or pink. In reality, yellow diamonds mostly originate from Africa, with the first name being Pumpkin Diamonds - found and sold during Halloween 1997.

  • Pink diamonds

Pink is the most beautiful color in life. Therefore, pink diamonds are the choice for an overflowing love, a happy, warm and loving life. As one of the rarest, most valuable and fashionable diamonds, Pink Diamonds always bring joy and radiant beauty to the owner.

  • Apple green diamond

With a yellow-green color symbolizing perseverance and desire, apple green diamonds combined with elegant jewelry such as necklaces, earrings or rings... make you truly impressive, charming and stand out among the crowd. crowds at work or luxurious parties.

  • Ice blue diamond

The blue color of the sky and sea, but pure, brilliant, and transparent like ice and snow, creates the beautiful beauty of Ice Blue Diamond. Dubbed the "Queen of Diamonds" because of their rarity, Ice Blue Diamonds as well as Apple Green Diamonds are only found in one place on Earth, South Africa.

  • Black Diamond

Previously, black diamonds only appeared in legends, but today, this rare, mysterious black gemstone has appeared on many extremely luxurious and sophisticated jewelry designs. Not brilliant or dazzling. Like white or shimmering colors like other types of diamonds, black diamonds are the embodiment of hidden beauty, nobility and power for the owner. Found only in two places in the world: Brazil and the Central African Republic, the origin of black KC still seems to be a mystery today.

  • Yellow Diamond:

As the color of the sun's rays, Yellow Diamond represents joy, understanding and full energy. Yellow diamonds can create a very high sparkle compared to other colored diamonds such as lemon yellow mixed with attractive blue, warm orange yellow or characteristic yellow with different color levels. The sophistication in color gives the owner a gentle yet noble beauty.

  • Red diamonds

Considered the most valuable and rarest type of diamond, red diamonds are very difficult to find and rare to find. According to the color chart of natural diamonds, it is a pink diamond at its darkest level. In fact, due to the rarity of red diamonds, very few people know of their existence and touch them under natural conditions.

  • Black diamond

Natural black needles often have many surface defects and impurities inside, making them opaque black and almost impermeable to light. Diamonds that are crafted into jewelry are irradiated, making them darker and appear black to the naked eye. These diamonds are popular in high-end jewelry and are mainly used in men's jewelry to create a feeling of luxury and authority.

The color of diamonds is relatively diverse, which helps users have more choices for themselves. The color palette of natural diamonds also vividly reflects the beauty of gems found in nature.

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