When learning about the standards for determining the value of a diamond, we often hear about F-water diamonds. So water diamond F What is that? Let's find out in the article below!

What is F water diamond?

As we know, color is one of the 4Cs that evaluates the quality and value of Color diamonds.

Diamond water will divide diamonds into two types, one is colorless and the other is colored. Colorless diamonds are yellow, green, and brown diamonds, but this color is relatively light and has the highest value. Colored diamonds include yellow, brown, and gray diamonds that have dark tones or can be distinguished with the naked eye. Accordingly, the value of each diamond according to the water color scale is calculated that the lighter the color of the diamond, the more valuable it is. That is, a clear, colored diamond is the most valuable and perfect diamond. This is true in reverse.

According to the standard for evaluating water color diamonds, it is based on a scale from D to Z. The more expensive a diamond is toward D, the more highly appreciated it will be, while diamonds whose color is at the bottom of the chart toward Z will have higher selling prices. greatly reduced. Country F is classified in the first group, diamonds are highly valuable.

In the color levels, D, E, F are said to be the top colors called completely colorless, pure white like ice.

Should I buy F diamonds or not?

If you go to a jeweler the consultant will stress to you that D diamonds are the best and that F diamonds will be worth less than D diamonds.

In fact, this issue is completely correct, however, if you do not put too much emphasis on the grade of these 3 types of high-grade transparent diamonds D, E, F, water diamond F will be a pretty good choice for you. for you.

To distinguish with the naked eye. D and E water diamonds are difficult to distinguish with the naked eye. This comes from the fact that both D and E water diamonds are ranked in the first category – high quality diamonds according to the diamond color water system. Therefore, the distinction between two adjacent criteria seems unclear and unrealistic. This entails that both D and E water diamonds will in some cases confuse users. Leading to incomplete and inaccurate selection, pricing and differentiation.

Not to mention color D is quite rare, so in terms of qualities in the 4Cs, water F diamond will be a very good, beautiful, luxurious and valuable stone.

Therefore, if you are wondering about choosing or looking for a gemstone with the right color, or deciding between D or F diamond water color, it is clear that F color diamonds are much more accessible and affordable. .

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