The classic style is making a comeback with modern proposal jewelry, rose-cut diamonds became popular after Justin Theroux proposed to Jennifer Aniston in 2012 with a rose-cut diamond ring, causing an immediate stir. public attention. The cut of rose cut diamonds is what distinguishes them from round, square and oval cut diamonds popular today. But that's just one of the reasons rose-cut diamonds are special. This amazing cut creates a sheen rather than a sparkle when the light hits it. This article has everything you need to know about buying a rose cut diamond.

How do you know it's a rose cut diamond?

Rose cut diamonds look like a real flower, the cut resembles the spiral of petals in a rose. This diamond shape comes in two forms: single rose cut and double rose cut with additional facets. Single rose cut diamonds have a single layer and may be surrounded by satellite diamonds. Double rose cut diamonds are often set high, or deep. This type of dual cut is also known as the Dutch rose cut and they tend to closely resemble a briolette cut diamond. Rose cuts in antique diamonds are often not perfectly rounded because they are often cut by hand.

Rose cut diamonds have a flat base and a crown that forms a dome. The exact shape of rose cut diamonds has many variations as they can have from 3 to 24 facets, allowing for complete customization of your stone. In contrast, a round cut diamond has 57 or 58 facets, which means a rose cut diamond has fewer cuts to pull light and bounce from the stone. Rose cut diamonds do not have a conical base like round diamonds, instead, a flat cut base creates a more refined look. With a completely flat surface and low number of facets, Rose Cut Diamonds sparkle rather than brilliantly like round cut diamonds, but they do provide a softer sparkle. One of the appeals of rose-cut diamonds is that they are so close to your skin. Rose cut diamonds are very sexy, seductive, and intimate.

An interesting fact about rose cut diamonds is that due to the lack of a cone base, they can be cut into countless shapes. Furthermore, they appear to be “bigger,” meaning that for the same carat weight, the surface of a rose cut diamond will be larger than that of a round cut diamond. Basically, this is a great option if you want to get more for your money. Depending on the purity and color of the rose cut diamond, the carat cost may be lower than other cuts. However, it should be noted that if you choose a classic – and perhaps even antique – rose-cut diamond ring, the cost may be much higher than a new rose-cut one.

History of rose cut diamonds

This cut is over 500 years old and was popular in Georgian and Victorian times, with many cuts from the Dutch region of Europe. They then became less popular, giving way to new cutting trends. At the beginning of the 20th century, round cone cuts became the model, revered for their sparkle. But the rose cut has made a triumphant comeback over the past five years (thanks to Justin Theroux and Matthew McConaughey and the rings they used to propose) and many designers are finding inspiration in the shape's luminous sides and flat bottoms. cut this.

Customize your rose cut diamonds

Color is a customizable characteristic of a rose-cut diamond, especially with popular colors such as opalescent, gray, champagne, light brown, salt and pepper, and even Fancy colored diamonds look great in rose cuts. Yellow ones produce beautiful yellow blooms when cut roses, while white ones create a frosty effect. Unlike other cuts, this cut looks great on super white and pale tones.

As for clarity, the rose cut can highlight any imperfections in the diamond, so keep this in mind when choosing your diamond. Additionally, since the rose cut is a classic style, imperfections can give the stone a more antique appeal. Imperfections give your diamond unique character, they make your diamond special.

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