There are many people who wonder Do diamonds glow at night ? You can refer to the article below to find the answer!

What are diamonds?

Diamond is one of the two best known allotropes of Carbon, the other being graphite. Diamonds have high hardness and excellent optical properties and they are used in industries, and especially the best quality diamonds are used in the jewelry industry.

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Diamond is said to be a mineral with perfect physical properties. They are good materials for creating rough surfaces and only other diamonds – caged carbon crystals or ADNRs – can cut diamonds (only diamonds can cut diamonds). That means they can hold a polished surface for a very long time and very well. About 150 million carats (30,000 kg) of diamonds are mined each year with a total value of US$10 billion. In addition, there are about 100,000 kg of diamonds created in the laboratory

Diamonds are valued through 4C standards: Carat - weight, Clarity - purity, Cut - cut shape and Color - color. Those 4 criteria are proportional to the value of the diamond.

Do diamonds glow at night?

Diamonds only reflect light but do not absorb light, so if diamonds are kept in an environment with little or no light source, they will not sparkle.

During the day, when you bring a diamond to the sun, you will see the diamond reflect light with the naked eye. Seeing a sparkling light like a laser beam, the inside of the diamond sparkled with very bright gray light while the outside reflected a rainbow of light. That's why people cannot look at a diamond for too long. So do diamonds glow at night?

At night, diamonds glow when providing light to diamonds because diamonds have the property of reflecting light. The light provides light that shines on the edges of the diamond, from which the light will reflect back to that light source in the opposite direction of the light. That's how the naked eye sees sparkling diamonds.

Without light, a diamond is just an ordinary gem. For objects that glow at night, it is because the object has the ability to absorb light. After turning off the light source, the object glows. But diamonds do not absorb light, they only reflect light.

Thus, diamonds cannot glow in the dark as many people still speculate. And the daytime glow of diamonds is also because diamonds have a special structure that reflects light sources.

How to distinguish diamonds?

Because diamonds have a very high value, the market is full of real and fake products, making it difficult to distinguish, making it easy to buy fake goods. To differentiate you should:

Observe the diamond carefully, looking through many different aspects of the diamond, not looking straight from top down or from bottom up. If you can see through it, it's a fake diamond.

Using a microscope and magnifying 1200 you will see small impurities inside the diamond, if there is nothing then it is fake.

You can place diamonds on a newspaper and see if you can read the words. If the letters go through but are slanted and still clear, it is definitely a fake diamond. As for real diamonds, it is not easy to let light pass through completely like that, the transmitted image is blurred and you will not be able to see clearly.

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