Similar to Emerald diamonds Asscher cut diamonds are a type of cut that creates the illusion of layering together. Accurate Asscher cuts will have a square center when seen through its cross-section. Check out the article below to learn more about it Asscher cut diamonds Please!

Asscher cut diamonds

Asscher-shaped diamond cuts are the perfect combination between Emerald and Princess, especially compared to traditional techniques, today's developed techniques help Asscher square-shaped diamonds sparkle more and more brilliantly. The original Asscher type had 58 cuts, the same type as the Emerald diamond, the only difference is that the Asscher is square cut and the Emerald is rectangular.

Asscher cut diamonds are a type that creates the appearance of layers layered together. Accurate Asscher cuts will have a square center when seen through its cross-section.

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The Asscher diamond has large faces, the width of the corners can vary, and the 4 corners of the Asscher diamond are all cut away, so they actually look like an octagon, but because the cutout is insignificant. Therefore, people still consider it as square.

Asscher cut diamonds use rough diamonds more effectively than Rounds, while still maintaining the 65% to 75% ratio. In this cut, the weight of the diamond will stay in the center or belly of the diamond, not spread out like some other cuts.

History of Asscher cut diamond formation

The Asscher cut differs from the Emerald only in its square shape. This cut was first introduced by the Asscher brothers (Netherlands) in 1902 and became most popular in the 1920s. This type of diamond began to return in 2002 and is more sparkling than diamonds. cut using traditional techniques. A standard Asscher cut diamond will have a square center when viewed through the cut.

In 1980, Queen Juliana of the Netherlands awarded the Asscher Diamond Company a royal title in recognition of the role that the Asscher family and company had played in the diamond industry.

The popularity of this cut peaked in the late 1920s but remained a somewhat rare item for the rest of the century, available only in antique shops and specialized Art Deco jewelers .

Things to note when buying Asscher-shaped diamonds

When buying jewelry as well as sheet diamonds with Asscher-shaped cuts, you should choose purity from VS2 or VS1 or higher to ensure the diamond does not reveal internal impurities. The suitable color for a diamond is H color but for diamonds smaller than 1.5 carats you should choose H color or higher, for giant diamonds over 2 carats you can choose I color or higher.

An Asscher diamond is considered perfectly cut when the length-to-width ratio of the diamond is between 1.00 and 1.05, the ideal depth ratio is between 56% and 76%, and the ideal depth ratio is between 56% and 76%. The ideal range is 55% to 74%.

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