Cushion cut is one of the diamond cuts that creates stones in the form of squares and rectangles, prismatic but rounded at the corners. Together C Jewelry Diamond Learn more about Cushion cut diamonds in the article below!

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What is Cushion cut diamond?

Cushion cut is a type of cut that creates stones in the form of squares and rectangles but rounded at the corners. The ideal number of polished planes for this style is 64. The Cushion cut is characterized by its deep and wide colored cuts, which maximize the reflection of light on the stone.

Cushion cut helps create deep and wide cuts. From there, to optimize the reflection of light on the diamond surface. Thus, when light reflects in, the diamond will sparkle more.

History of formation and development of cutting edge

The Cushion, Pillow or Candlelight cut was developed in the 19th century and has undergone a number of transformations and developments since then. Cushion cuts have particularly benefited from the invention of cleavage as this process has helped to maximize the light dispersion of the shape making it more dynamic and brilliant.

The value of Cushion cut diamonds

Cushion cut diamonds are increasingly popular today through famous ring styles and classic trends in engagement rings. When you look at this diamond, you will easily see why? Cushion creates a prismatic shape - a light effect that is the reason why people love diamonds.

More specifically, the Cushion cut also retains the color of the diamond and that is why it becomes the perfect choice for colored diamond rings and gemstones.

Note when wearing Cushion cut rings

Cushion-cut rings are often symmetrical. You can choose diamond rings for classic or modern designs.

Cushion cut allows for the most natural color reflection. Therefore, it is especially used for diamonds with unique colors such as yellow, pink, etc.

Characterized by many cutting surfaces, the Cushion cut is considered the most brilliant cut. It not only enhances the sparkling beauty of the diamond ring but also helps hide flaws on the main diamond.

Hopefully with the above article, you will understand more about Cushion cut diamonds. At the same time, make the optimal choice for yourself. Hope you choose the diamond you want.

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