Pear-cut diamonds shaped like pears or teardrops are always unique and attractive. Together C Jewelry Diamond Learn more about Pear cut diamonds Please!

History of formation and development of Pear cut diamonds

The first pear-shaped diamond was created in the 1400s by the Flemish cutter Lodewyk van Berquem of Bruges, who invented the diamond polishing wheel, or scaif.

This invention allowed him to polish all aspects of the diamond to optimize the reflection of light within it. It was from this watershed onwards that diamonds began to be used in jewelry.

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Van Berquem also pioneered the now popular symmetrical arrangement of facets on a stone, which led him to create the pear-shaped “Pendeloque” or “Briolette” cut.

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Main characteristics of cutting edge

The ideal ratio of the Pear diamond style would be around 1.40 to 1.70.

Buyers can choose Pear-style diamond colors according to their needs depending on the weight. For example, if you want to buy elongated Pear diamond earrings with light weight and transparent color, you can choose diamonds weighing less than 1 carat and colors between D - F are suitable.

The pear shape can be affected by the so-called bow tie effect where light passing through the diamond creates a shadow on the central facets of the stone. This shadow can be reduced by varying the depth of the Pavilion face, and adjusting the angles of the table and sides to better diffuse light in the central area. This effect also occurs in the Heart, Marquise and Oval shapes.

Each natural diamond will certainly have a different purity, no two are the same. But the transparency of Pear diamonds does not need too much attention if you are not a perfectionist. And if they have a little impurity inside, it's okay because with large and wide cuts, diamonds with impurities mixed inside are also more difficult to detect. Instead, when light is shined on, the diamond Pear diamonds radiate rainbow sparkle just like Round diamonds, even more so.

The nobility and elegance of pear-shaped diamonds are often loved by aristocrats and royalty. When worn with a ring, this shape will also help the wearer's hands look more elongated.

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