Radiant cut diamonds is a rectangular or square cut with non-sharp corners. This type of cutting also saves a large amount of rough diamonds and still retains a certain luminescence and refractive power. Let's learn more about this cut in the article below!

History of the formation of Radiant diamond cuts

The first Radiant cut was designed by Henry Grossbard of the Company (RCDC) in 1977. Before this invention, all square or stepped diamonds appeared less brilliant.

Grossbard invented a hybrid cut, revolutionizing the industry's perception of square or rectangular stones when he managed to create a step-cut diamond that possessed brilliance comparable to that of other diamonds. diamonds are triangular in shape like ovals and pears.

The Radiant is also the first cut to have a radiant facet pattern applied to both the crown and pavilion. RCDC launched the original Radiant Cut diamond brand in 2002.

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What is special about Radiant diamond cuts?

Radiant diamonds have up to 70 cuts and the precision of each cut will make the light shine on them, making them fiery and sparkling. The fire of Radiant diamonds is even greater than that of Round diamonds. The Radiant's shape is similar to an Emerald diamond with a rectangular shape plus diagonal cuts that help fool the other person's eye into thinking it looks larger than it actually is. In addition, it also helps hide blemishes such as flaws or impurities in diamonds extremely well.

A Radiant diamond with a ratio of 1.25 is suitable. Radiant diamonds have maximum color retention compared to other cut diamonds, so a Radiant diamond will be stunning. There are no regulations on suitable color water, but this depends on each person's eyes. However, if you do not know how to choose, G and H color water can be the optimal choice for your diamond. Friend. A clarity between VS1 and VS2 will give your Radiant diamond its cleanest appearance.

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