Diamonds are considered mystical objects that symbolize strength, power, wealth and courage. It is an item that everyone wants to own. However, not everyone can know the difference between natural diamonds and synthetic diamonds . So how to distinguish them?

Natural diamonds and synthetic diamonds

  • Natural diamonds

Natural diamond is a mineral with perfect physical properties, existing in one of two variants of Carbon (the other form is graphite). Diamonds are precious stones with high hardness and almost only diamonds can cut diamonds. They also have extremely good optical properties so they are widely used in industries and especially the jewelry industry. To date, people have not found a gem that can surpass diamond in terms of perfection in both physical and chemical properties.

Diamonds begin to form in places with very high temperatures and pressures, specifically a depth of about 150 km (compared to the ground), a pressure of 5 gigapascals, a temperature of 1200 degrees Celsius. Just enough to meet these requirements. With the above conditions, diamonds can be found anywhere.

  • Diamond Plate
  • Diamond jewelry

Diamond meets all the necessary elements of a precious stone: Rarity, high hardness, strong fire, purity, resistance to chemicals and temperature, satisfying tastes. Therefore the price is also extremely expensive. Because not everyone has the economic means to own diamonds, wearing diamond jewelry also shows the wearer's class.

Diamonds have a cubic crystal structure so they are highly symmetrical, and contain quaternary carbon atoms. Diamonds come in many different colors, including extremely precious colors such as slightly yellow or brown. . Diamond reaches the maximum hardness on the Mohs scale and only diamond can cut diamond, so the tools to make and sharpen diamond only come from diamond.

  • Synthetic diamonds

Artificial diamond or synthetic diamond is a type of material created by humans in the laboratory based on strict temperature and pressure conditions. Synthetic diamonds have essentially the same chemical composition and physical properties as natural diamonds.

Artificial diamond's main ingredient is Carbon, specific gravity about 3.52, refractive index about 2.417. The cutting technique is extremely excellent and the transparency is not inferior to natural diamonds. Even in terms of hardness, they are slightly better. In order to meet the needs of beauty, artificial diamonds used to make jewelry come in a variety of colors from pink, purple, blue, light orange, etc. Even experienced experts are not sure to distinguish between them. Artificial diamonds and natural diamonds can only be seen with the naked eye.

Artificial diamonds are created by humans in the laboratory over a relatively short period of time. Artificial diamonds are often used in the optical engineering industry and high-end electronic chips. Artificial diamonds are synthesized by two main methods: the HPHT high-pressure high-pressure method, which uses extremely high temperatures and pressures to recreate an environment similar to the environment that regenerates diamonds in the ground, and the evaporation method. CVD chemical vapor deposition uses the chemical vaporization of Carbon gas compounds under the influence of plasma heat rays to create gas molecule division until only carbon atoms remain to deposit and grow on the diamond seed. available. With beautiful, sharp cutting angles and a relatively reasonable price, those are the advantages of artificial diamonds. Artificial diamonds and their beauty have attracted the love and desire to own many people, especially women.

To own the most sparkling and beautiful diamond jewelry, natural diamonds are certainly the perfect choice. Artificial diamonds are not too rare, they may still be expensive now but certainly, in the future the price will become increasingly cheaper. They only have physical beauty, losing their soul qualities.

Indeed, the beauty of natural diamonds is undeniable. They are also one of the most expensive materials in the world. If they are studded with natural diamonds, the longer the jewelry is kept, the more beautiful it will become. The more valuable, the more rare.

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