The exquisite Apollo & Artemis Diamonds diamond earrings have sold for more than 57.4 million dollars - a world record for earrings sold at auction on May 16, 2017 organized by Sotheby's.

Apollo & Artemis Diamonds are named after the most ancient Greek idol. Sotheby's said this is the most valuable pair of earrings in the world ever sold at auction, no one has ever bought both at the same time.

The 14.54 carat Apollo Blue Diamond, Fancy Vivid Blue, Flawless Clarity, Type IIB sold for over $42.08 million (including buyer's premium), estimated at $38 – $50 million. This is the largest vivid blue diamond, graded IIb among the rarest of less than 1% of all diamonds. In recent years, the only mine to produce blue diamonds was the Cullinan mine in South Africa. According to the Gemological Institute of America, less than 0.1% of all diamonds are blue, and a small percentage of them are graded Fancy Vivid Blue.

The 16-carat Artemis Pink Diamond, pink, VVS2 clarity, Type IIA, sold for more than $15.3 million (including buyer's premium), estimated at $12.5- 18 million USD.

The fancy brilliant pink diamond is rated by the GIA as a type IIa diamond, describing the grade as “the most chemically pure type” of diamonds. The occurrence of pink diamonds is very rare.

According to GIA, of all the diamonds it grades each year, “no more than 3% are classified as colored diamonds; Less than 5% of diamonds of this color are pink. “

Chemically, both of these diamonds are the purest of all diamonds. Diamonds of this quality, with this extraordinary depth and sophistication of color, and this size are rare.

The sheer randomness of their formation comes from the confluence of cosmic conditions that produced their miraculous formation billions of years ago deep within the earth.

Together, both were cut into lyrical pear shapes, and named, in accordance with the most revered and powerful Olympian gods, enhancing and enhancing their rarity, magical beauty, dignity and their differences.

Apollo & Artemis Diamonds Earrings.
“The Apollo and Artemis diamonds will be the stars of May in Geneva, because they are the most important earrings ever presented at auction,” said David Bennett, President of the National Jewelry Association. Sotheby's, said before the sale.
The Apollo & Artemis Diamonds diamond pair fascinates connoisseurs with the most attractive and rare colors.

These two diamonds have a mysterious, magical beauty that comes from a unique, wonderfully emotional blend of "diamond fire" with the delicate color of pink Cherry Blossom and the rarest blue in the world. all diamond colors.

These diamonds are currently set on a pair of gorgeous earrings. “These are the most important pair of earrings ever offered at auction,” said David Bennett, global chairman of Sotheby's International Jewelery Division.

Source: Sotheby's & Forbes

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