Proposal rings and wedding rings studded with gemstones are one of the precious types of jewelry that every girl wishes to receive as a gift. Distinguishing between types of gemstones will help you choose the right gemstone wedding ring for you. Same article below Choose a wedding ring with gemstones for her Please!

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Types of gemstones in gemstone-encrusted wedding rings

If divided by type, we have 2 types of stones used to make jewelry such as rings, bracelets, bracelets, necklaces... they are PRECIOUS STONE and SEMI-PREMIOUS STONE.

  • Gemstone

Gemstone is the common name for all rare minerals mined from nature. Humans discovered these special minerals thousands of years ago and began processing them to create jewelry that represents their own class.

Under natural conditions, gemstones are formed under conditions of high temperature and high pressure. Often during volcanic eruptions, geotectonic movements cause crystals to be displaced and crystallize under suitable conditions. Magmas with different compositions will form different types of gems and minerals. Minerals with high aesthetics, hardness, durability, and rarity are classified as precious or semi-precious stones.

Currently, gemstones rely on color and characteristics to classify. As follows:

Characteristics: Currently in the world there are more than 3 thousand types of minerals, but only about 100 types of minerals are suitable for gemstone processing. There are 4 official gemstone groups including:

  • Diamond

In Vietnam as well as in the world, surely you no longer have to worry anymore when saying that Diamond is the most valuable stone today. Currently, there has been no discovery of Diamonds in Vietnam, but according to geological observations of scientists, the Northwest region, specifically the Central Highlands, has emitted 2mm diamonds. This is a sign that Diamond is present in Vietnam

Because Diamond in Greek means never destroyed. Diamond has a very high Mohs hardness, extracted from natural stones, has strong light refraction and creates sparkling rays.

White diamond is suitable for people with Water or Metal destiny. In addition, Diamond is also the symbol of the constellations Leo, Taurus & Aries

  • Ruby

Ruby is known as the queen of stones. The red "blood" pearls symbolize power and freedom. Ruby is one of the most powerful stones in Eastern countries. In Vietnam, the two places with the largest Ruby mines include Luc Yen - Yen Bai and Quy Chau - Nghe An. Among them, Quy Chau is world-famous for its pigeon-blood-colored Ruby, full of attractive magic.

Ruby has a dark red color suitable for people with Fire and Earth elements. In addition, they are also the symbol of the constellations Leo, Aries, Scorpio, Cancer and Sagittarius.

  • Sapphire

Lam Ngoc's class is no longer in dispute. Sapphire is one of four types of stones classified as gemstones today in Vietnam. Sapphire is found in mines in the South, Da Ban & Ma Lam mine - Binh Thuan and Di Linh mine - Lam Dong Vietnam

Sapphire is considered a symbol of power, success, and wisdom. In addition, it also has the ability to help people overcome fear, become calm, and find purpose and desire for life.

Sapphire is usually green or black, suitable for people with Wood and Water elements. Turquoise is also the symbol of the constellations Sagittarius, Libra and Virgo.

  • Emerald.

Emerald, like Diamond, has not been found much in Vietnam. But according to geologists, the Ngot mine area - Vinh Phuc, Ha Giang, Ba Be - Bac Kan has the potential to discover this gem.

Emerald green is the color of spring, so it symbolizes love and rebirth. Emerald is often crafted in rectangular or rectangular shapes

Emerald is green and suitable for people with Fire and Wood elements. Emerald is also the symbol of the constellations Aries, Libra, Taurus and Gemini

However, some countries also have Cat's Eye Jade, Pearl, Royal Jade, Alexandrite Color Changing Jade.

Learn to choose the type of gem she likes.

You are the one who knows your lover better than anyone. If you two have been dating for a while, this is a good opportunity for you to learn about her likes and dislikes.

If you see her surrounded by diamond magazines or a page ripped out of a diamond magazine, she might be a girl who likes diamonds.

You can also ask her about her favorite stone or go to jewelry stores with her under the guise of choosing earrings for your mother or sister. She will no doubt make comments about what she likes or dislikes. C Jewelry Diamond Good luck!

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