Colored Diamonds are diamonds that contain a small amount of impurities (any carbon atom in the crystal lattice is replaced by an atom of another element). In addition to white (colorless), diamonds are also found in blue, orange, red, purple, pink, yellow, brown and even black. So what are the popular diamond colors today? Let's find out in the article below!

Brown diamond

Brown diamonds are chocolate brown diamonds. Formed more than 3 billion years ago, diamonds are grown from microscopic carbon particles under high pressure and temperature deep underground. Brown diamonds can be very attractive – especially when their brown color is altered by yellow, orange or red. The most attractive point of brown diamonds is their very affordable price. Very attractive brown diamonds can often be purchased for less than diamonds of similar size and clarity on the standard DZ color scale.

This is a relatively common type of diamond, which causes the true value of the gem to decrease when compared to other colors and gemstones. However, in recent years, with marketing and media coverage, the price and status of this diamond have gradually improved.

They have also become popular for making men's rings, cufflinks, earrings and watches, thanks to their more masculine colors. In short, brown diamonds are rich, warm and beautiful, with exceptional sparkle but are also affordable.

Green diamonds

Green diamonds are extremely rare and to get their beautiful color they must undergo a process of contaminating them with radioactive substances such as uranium.

Green is more popular than other colors like red or black. But it is rarer than gold or white. Green diamonds are the result of irradiation from pure diamonds. Green diamonds are suitable for those who like gentleness and love nature. This type of diamond brings beauty and completeness to the user.

Black diamond

Natural black needles often have many surface defects and impurities inside, making them opaque black and almost impermeable to light. Diamonds that are crafted into jewelry are irradiated, making them darker and appear black to the naked eye.

Black diamonds are often paired with some unique jewelry and are the most glamorous type of jewelry in the world. It represents a rare and mysterious beauty which is why black diamonds have become a centerpiece of luxury for both men and women.

This magical diamond is often used in magical and mysterious events. However, there are many other uses and trends. Black diamonds can be part of traditional jewelry, as well as modern and contemporary creations. In fact, it can even be included in wedding ceremonies as an engagement ring.

Red diamonds

Red diamonds are one of the rare and expensive diamonds today. Red diamonds symbolize charm and confidence. Red represents victory, pride and arrogance. In addition, red diamonds are also a symbol of brilliant beauty, elegance and arrogance.

With their perfect appearance and small, hard-to-find quantity, red diamonds become extremely rare. Sought after by the upper class at extremely high prices.

Yellow diamond

Yellow diamonds are diamonds that are yellow in color. This is a non-specific color, but has value and meaning to users.

Carrying strong energy like a ray of sunshine. Yellow diamonds bring positive and fresh energy to the user. In fact, yellow diamonds are considered precious stones. Has strong energy and brings the most excitement. When using yellow diamonds, people will gradually feel healthier and more positive.

In addition, yellow diamonds also carry the meaning of prosperity and fortune. This comes from color. The yellow color of yellow diamonds is like the color of gold bars, this helps the product attract wealth and fortune to the owner who uses it. That's why yellow diamonds are always an attractive choice. Having value is sought by many people to create stability and strong value for themselves.

Above are the most popular colors of diamonds today. So what about you, which color do you like best in the diamond color range?

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