To have a beautiful jewelry showroom that attracts customers, readers should pay attention to issues such as color, lighting and how to display products properly.

Jewelry is a beauty product and has a high price for everyone, especially women. Just like cosmetics, this product is popular with many consumers, because thanks to its development potential, jewelry showroom designs are also set up many and quickly. With so many showrooms springing up, designing your showroom to compete in the market is also very difficult. The following article will help you. Some notes when designing a showroom .

Jewelry showroom design needs to pay attention to the following requirements

– Requirements for designing a luxurious and sophisticated space

When designing, you need to create elegance and sophistication to match its value and beauty. This design not only creates an impression on customers, but it also shows the face of the business. With this item, you should absolutely avoid creating a messy, unattractive space because it will greatly reduce the beauty of the jewelry.

– Design requirements are not too complicated and cumbersome

A design that creates elegance and sophistication does not mean you create a sophisticated and cumbersome showroom design space. Because the jewelry models themselves already have a sense of elegance and splendor, you do not need to arrange too many details when designing a jewelry showroom because it will somewhat reduce customers' focus on the product. Products.

Suggestions on how to design a jewelry showroom

– Color design for jewelry showroom

To match the characteristics and properties of jewelry models, the two colors black and white will be very suitable and popular when designing. Besides, when designing colors for this space you can also use monochromatic colors such as nute, light gray, light pink and light blue. Note that you should absolutely avoid using bold, vibrant colors such as red, pink, dark blue and dark yellow because these colors can not only lose the value of the product but also for a less luxurious space.

– Lighting design for jewelry showrooms

A properly designed lighting system combined with the glass material of the display cabinets will definitely create an illusion effect that makes the overall space as well as the product models become sparkling and attractive. than. When designing lighting for a jewelry showroom design, pay special attention to the lighting of the display cabinets because this is where the products are directly displayed, so you should design it so that the jewelry models become eye-catching. eyes and shine brighter than ever. Ceiling lights and LED lights with white light will be very suitable for this showroom design.

– Interior design for jewelry showroom

Furniture made from wood and glass will ensure the security of this valuable product, and customers will easily observe, review and choose satisfactory products with cabinets and shelves. made from these two materials.

Jewelry products are beautiful and small in size, so display cabinets and shelves should be simply designed and divided into many small compartments to make product display easy, and at the same time, small product samples should be recommended. ears, bracelets, etc. are easier to stand out in the eyes of customers.

Along with the design of display cabinets and shelves, the arrangement of the reception desk and bar stools is also very important to create an overall harmonious and eye-catching showroom design space. This design will make customers feel comfortable when trying products, resting and they certainly will not refuse the extremely beautiful products in your showroom.

– Decorate the jewelry showroom

With any showroom design, decoration is also very important to make the space more impressive. The same goes for jewelry showroom design, you can arrange a few mini potted plants on low shelves or green potted plants in the customer's resting area to help make the space more lively and eye-catching.

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