Wedding rings are sacred and extremely important on the wedding day of the bride and groom, carrying many profound meanings. Today, wedding rings are made in many styles and materials. So yes Should I wear a white gold wedding ring or not ? Together C Jewelry Diamond Find out in the article below!

What is white gold?

White gold is an alloy with the main ingredient being gold, in addition to other precious metals such as Palladium, Kiken, Platinum...

Pure gold is very soft. Therefore, to make harder and more durable jewelry, people often add precious metals to the metallurgy process.

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Just like gold and some other precious metals, the purity of white gold is measured in kara. During the manufacturing process, the yellow color of gold is lost, replaced by the white color of white gold. However, white gold is still considered real gold and the value of the gold in white gold remains its value.

Should I wear a white gold wedding ring or not?

There are a few people who are confused between white gold and silver, so they abstain from buying white gold Because of fear of the popular concept: silver is ungrateful and ungrateful, you should not give silver to someone you love.

The concept of abstinence from wearing white gold wedding ring probably originated from some people of the older generation. Because in the past, mentioning gold was referring to a precious metal with a bright yellow color, metallic luster, and high economic value. The warm yellow color brings hope for a prosperous, royal life. People buy gold wedding rings not only to mark an important marriage milestone but also consider it as a savings.

However, that is no longer true today. As society becomes more and more modern and developed, wedding rings take on the meaning of sacred objects, they need more signs of love and marriage, and no longer focus much on the purpose of "savings". . That's why white gold wedding rings with a trendy, youthful metallic white color are extremely loved and favored by young people for their important marriage milestones.

Advantages and disadvantages of white gold wedding rings

White gold wedding rings are now becoming a new trend for couples, the newness in materials, luxury and nobility is what it brings to couples.

White gold wedding ring brings purity, splendor and is suitable for the bride's white outfit. In addition, white gold material will always be bright white and more durable over time.

To white gold wedding ring always shiny, you should choose to buy page at reputable stores, gold quality is guaranteed and regularly gently cleaned or brought to stores. page The strength to renew when needed

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