Rings are always an indispensable accessory for women, especially fashionistas. Not only is it used for decoration, it is also a way for them to express their sophisticated aesthetic taste and show off their wealth. Below are the most beautiful and expensive diamond rings in the world

Pink Star Diamond

The Pink Star Diamond ring features a giant oval diamond weighing nearly 59.6 carats, cut from a rough diamond weighing 132.5 carats mined by De Beers in Africa in 1999. Among the diamonds Of the pink diamonds ever found, the Pink Star is the largest in size and has the most perfect color. It was once sold at Christie's Geneva auction for 83 million USD (about 1800 billion VND). However, after Isaac Wolf won the auction, he went bankrupt and sold Pink Star for 72 USD (1,600 billion VND).

The Oppenheimer Blue

The second most expensive was The Oppenheimer Blue diamond ring, which sold for $57.7 million at an auction in Geneva in May 2016. The diamond was unearthed at the Cullinan diamond mine in South Africa and is named after diamond merchant, Sir Philip Oppenheimer. He gave this diamond to his wife.

The Graff Pink

This stunning ring features a rectangular rounded pink diamond weighing approximately 24.78 carats, flanked by two small white shield diamonds. Graff Pink's vivid pink color makes anyone who sees it fall in love. In 2010, the ring was sold at Sotheby's Geneva for 46.2 million USD (about 1,000 billion VND).

Unique Pink

On May 18, 2016, a pink diamond named Unique Pink reached a price of 31.6 million USD (719 billion VND) at Sotheby's auction in Geneva (Switzerland). Just like the name, the teardrop-shaped diamond possesses a charming, sweet, pure and flawless pink color.

Chopard Blue Diamond

The Chopard Blue Diamond is a perfect engagement ring consisting of a rare 9 carats blue diamond in the center, flanked by two triangular white diamonds and a ring made of 18 carats white gold. The ring is valued at 16.26 million USD (about 360 billion VND).

The Bvlgari Blue

This is a unique ring that uses 2 diamonds of different colors, including a blue diamond weighing 10.95 carats, a white diamond weighing 0.87 carats and mounted on a gold ring. baguette diamonds (diamonds cut in long rectangular shapes). In 2010, it was sold for 15.7 million USD (about 350 billion VND).

The Graff Vivid Yellow

Anyone will be fascinated as soon as they see the shape and color of this ring. Vivid Yellow is one of the largest diamond rings in the world in terms of size and value. This is the most expensive yellow diamond ring of all time. Vivid Yellow is set in the center with a beautiful yellow diamond weighing 100 carats and around the edge of the ring is decorated with many other small diamonds. The ring was auctioned for 16.3 million USD in Switzerland.

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