The Hope diamond, the Dresden Green, the Idol's Eye, the Portuguese Diamond and the Moussaieff Red. These famous diamonds are breathtakingly beautiful pieces of jewelry that have been admired for centuries. An aura of mystery has always surrounded these rare natural wonders, so it's an honor for GIA researchers to examine them.

The Hope diamond VS1 • 45.52 ct

This diamond may be the most famous colored diamond in the world. In May 1988, the Gemological Institute of America's gem trade laboratory determined that the diamond weighed 45.52 carats, the diamond's exceptional size revealing new findings about stone formation. precious. GIA experts also report that this diamond is a brilliant cut cushion. The diamond is graded for natural color. The rare, magical dark gray-blue color is admired due to the small amount of boron atoms.

The Hope diamond VS1 • 45.52 ct

Since the 1800s, the Hope diamond has been described as flawless. During their inspection, the GIA team noticed that the diamond had accumulated some wear over the years and had white veins and a few small feathers. Its clarity is rated as VS1 (Very Light). Good polish and Fair to Good symmetry were also noted. Technical specifications aside, the Hope diamond captivates the imagination like no other gemstone.

The Dresden Green 41 ct

The diamond weighs 41 carats and may have originated from India. This is the earliest known diamond in history. Purchased in 1742 by Friedrich August II, duke of Saxony, (for 400,000 taler). Currently kept in the Green Hall in Dresden.

In late 1988, GIA gemologists were allowed to examine the Dresden blue diamond. They were especially excited, as it promised to provide insight into distinguishing natural blue diamonds from diamonds. The blue is irradiated in the laboratory (radiation is usually the cause of the color in both cases). Since the diamond's history has been recorded since 1741, researchers can be confident that it has not been processed in a laboratory. Because the diamond was still mounted when examined, GIA gemologists were unable to issue a grading report.

The Dresden Green 41 ct

GIA researchers described Dresden Green as a fancy green, with a modified pear-shaped brilliant cut. Natural green has a medium tone and slightly gray saturation. Green Vaults records show it weighed 41 ct.

The Portuguese Diamond VS1 • 127.01 ct

Originating from South Africa, the Portuguese diamond weighs 127.01 ct in a large octagonal shape. GIA gemologists graded it an M on the GIA Color Scale, and gave it a VS1 clarity grade because of a small bruise on one of the facets and two very small scratches on the table.

The Portuguese Diamond

Under UV light, the stone emits strong fluorescence; Under daylight or artificial light, it emits soft fluorescent light and bluish mist. Because of its strong fluorescence, in 1924 it was advertised by Black, Starr & Frost as a blue diamond.

Idol's Eye VVS1 • 70.20 ct

Another famous diamond shrouded in mythology, the Idol's Eye was probably mined in India's Golconda District – an area famous for its production of fine diamonds. There are many legendary stories about the diamond, including one that says the Eye of the Idol is also Nassak. This has been rejected. The first confirmed reference to the Eye of the Idol was one of the lots auctioned by Christie's London in July 1865.

Idol's Eye VVS1

Gemologist GIA confirmed that the Eye of the Idol weighed 70.20 ct. Its color grade is Very Light Blue and its clarity is VVS1 (Very Light Including).

The Moussaieff Red 5.11 ct

The Moussaieff red diamond is a curved triangle cut diamond, weighing 5.11ct (1,022g). This is considered the rarest red diamond today.

The Moussaieff Red

The Moussaieff tablet was found by accident by a farmer in 1990, on the Abaetezinho River, Alto Paranaiba region (Brazil). Original raw weight is 13.9ct (2.78gr). The diamond was purchased and processed by the William Goldberg Company, then named the Red Shield Diamond. In 2001, the diamond was bought by an Israeli dealer named Ahlomo Moussaieff and renamed Moussaieff. Currently the diamond is owned by jeweler Moussaieff.

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