Queen Elizabeth is the most noble and powerful woman in the British royal family. During her more than 60 years in office, Queen Elizabeth has always made the world curious about her diamond products. The ruler of the United Kingdom inherited many heirloom jewels, including priceless gifts from his grandmother, Queen Mary. At the same time, she also received items from other countries. from individuals, or gifts from their own parents. All contribute to increasing the prestige of Queen Elizabeth II.

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Imperial State Crown

Imperial State Crown: recreated for the coronation of Queen Elizabeth's father, King George VI, in 1937 with over 2,868 beautifully cut diamonds set on silver pillars, colored gemstones on gold pillars, which includes: 17 sapphires, 11 emeralds and 269 pearls. The Cullinan 2 weighing 317.4 carats is placed in the center and center of the crown to ascend to the "upper court" of the queen.

On January 1, 1967, Queen Elizabeth was wearing the Imperial State crown along with the scepter and diamond necklace during the opening session of the new British parliament. This is the emperor's crown, also known as the hereditary crown.

Scepter of Sovereign

The Sovereign Scepter is also a treasure used in coronation ceremonies. The stone attached to the head of the scepter is the Star of Africa - the largest cut diamond in the world. The scepter was made in 1661, then redesigned to fit a 530 carat diamond in 1910.

Diamond ring

The scepter is encrusted with many expensive and rare gems, the world's largest cut diamond, weighing 530.2 carats, pear-shaped Cullinan 1, also known as the African star, symbolizes a generous nature. and the solemnity of kingship.

Crown Amethyst Suite of Jewels and crown

Crown Amethyst Suite of Jewels: Queen Elizabeth wears a jewelry set including a necklace, jewelry and pin that are a combination of diamonds and amethysts. This was also an inheritance she received from Queen Victoria's mother.

The Brazilian Aquamarine Parure Tiara

The Queen looks elegant and gentle with earrings, diamond necklace and aquamarine; was honored at her coronation ceremony. Four years later, the Queen commissioned a matching crown.

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The queen's corsage

One of the "world's most desirable" pink diamonds - Williamson Pink when rough was given to Queen Elizabeth on the occasion of the queen's wedding in 1947. Later, this diamond was mounted on a corsage. queen's dress. Williamson Pink is considered by the BBC to be the most famous pink diamond in the world. This stone was found at the Williamson mine in Tanzania in 1947. Then, in 1948, the rough diamond weighing 54.5 carats was cut into a round shape by the Briefel and Lemer manufacturer in London with a weight of 23. .6 carats, then designed by Cartier to be placed on the queen's corsage.

Another masterpiece in the queen's diamond fortune. The Cullinan diamond – The 18.8 carat heart-shaped diamond stands out among small diamonds and white gold. Designed to wear a lapel, Queen Mary placed this masterpiece on a crown with the priceless Koh-i-Noor diamond at the coronation of her husband, King George VI in 1937. Queen Elizabeth inherited from in 1953. The Queen used this design for her lapel during her visit to the 5th Air Force Brigade in 1990.

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