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Why is diamond the king of precious stones? ? Have you ever wondered like that? And what factors have contributed to helping Diamond become the king of gemstones? Together Cao Diamond Find out in the article below!

Diamond is the king of precious stones?

Diamonds are known as the king of gemstones, because they possess timeless beauty and have high economic value.

Diamonds begin to form at a depth of about 120 - 200 km above the earth's surface. According to geologists, diamonds were first formed about 2.5 billion years ago, and diamond mines are believed to be 45 million years old at the latest. Scientific research shows that the carbon that forms diamonds comes from rocks on the earth's surface. Under very high temperature and pressure, Carbon transforms into diamond.

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Diamond is the hardest gem found in nature with a perfect hardness of 10/10 on the Mohs hardness scale for minerals. This has been known for a long time, and that is also the origin of the name "diamond" - hard metal.

With high hardness and purity, Diamond is also a symbol of love and eternity. That's why, among precious stones, people often choose Diamond to make engagement rings and wedding rings, with the desire to give A marriage that lasts forever through the years.

Diamond is the most valuable mineral among more than 3,000 mineral samples known to humans. Because it is the hardest substance in nature, diamond is used to polish, cut any surface, or even another diamond.

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Besides, the hardness of diamond also makes it more suitable as a piece of jewelry. Because it can only be scratched by another diamond, it stays shiny over time.

It can be said that each diamond is created from the diligence of the earth and from the sophisticated hands of humans. All have created an unparalleled beauty and value for diamonds.

Diamonds are a symbol of inner strength, determination, honesty and purity. The name diamond in ancient Greek is “Adamas” which means “unconquerable”, “indestructible” and “untamable”. In Chinese, Diamond also means "hard metal".

Uses of Diamonds

Diamonds are known as the king of precious stones, they possess timeless beauty and economic value. Diamond is like a "guardian god" because thanks to its positive energy, it can fight many diseases and cure many different diseases. Ancient people believed that diamonds help ward off bad dreams and fight hypochondria, also known as excessive fear of health.

In addition, Diamonds have detoxifying, fever-reducing and anti-bacterial properties. However, people who are easily excitable and have high blood pressure are encouraged not to wear diamonds regularly because it negatively affects their health.

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