Jewelry is personal decorative items, such as necklaces, rings, bracelets, piercings, often made from gemstones, precious metals or other materials. In it, there is both silver and white gold. However, many people still think that wearing silver or white gold is the same because their colors are very similar. So how can we distinguish between white gold and silver? And Why should you wear white gold instead of silver ?

White gold jewelry

White gold is an alloy of gold and other precious metals such as Palladium, Kiken, Platinum... combined together in proportions thanks to advanced and special metallurgical technologies. Normal proportions when combined The precious metals used to make white gold are gold, accounting for 58.3% for 14k gold, 75% for 18k gold. The purity of white gold is measured in kara.

Through the process of calculating proportions and heating, the gold will crystallize and obtain a white compound, this is white gold. The reason why gold is white is because it is combined with precious metals. But that doesn't mean white gold is less valuable, it is still considered real gold and is very popular, because of its pure white color, sparkling metallic luster and good elasticity.

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White gold jewelry often symbolizes wealth, luxury and power. At a diplomatic banquet, a meeting with important partners, or simply a meeting with old friends, colleagues, etc., gold jewelry will help affirm status and class. of yourself, to become more confident, easier to work with and make an impression to get better results.

After being crafted, white gold jewelry has a sparkling metallic color and a less luxurious ivory white color. However, that white color has its own "charm". Not opaque white like silver jewelry, different from the cold white color of stainless steel or chrome-plated jewelry, but the light golden light is pure, deep, and very soulful.

For customers who love bright white colors, they can add a layer of Rhodium plating. The luxurious bright white color of this layer of plating makes white gold more delicate and classy. The luxurious sparkling beauty of white gold jewelry always attracts not only women but also men.

Silver jewelry

In the jewelry manufacturing and design industry, silver can be considered a precious metal behind gold. This is a type of metal that is opaque white in color, not shiny and bright like white gold. The most special thing is that it is colorfast and does not rust like silver.

This is a precious metal with long-term use value, used to make coins, jewelry, or items such as cups and chopsticks, etc. Silver is also an investment. In addition to such uses, silver is also used in industry as a contact conductor, a compound in photographic films, etc. In medicine, silver is also used as a biological antibiotic. Silver has so many properties.

Normally, silver is soft, so to make it easier to make jewelry, silver is mixed with copper compound at a ratio of 92.5%.

Silver jewelry is mainly favored by students and children because it is a safe choice in value and shows simplicity and unobtrusiveness.

Simple design, no sharp sophistication.

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How to distinguish white gold and silver

  • Distinguish between White Gold and Silver by appearance

The highlight of silver is its low, light shine, so it can be distinguished from white gold. Real and fake silver can be tested using specialized machines such as a spectrophotometer, testing silver with nitric acid, etc. Multi-layer silver can also be heavier than white gold.

Jewelry made from white gold will often have a brighter, more shiny whiteness than silver. Often delicately machined and of high aesthetic value.

  • Distinguishing White Gold and Silver by price

It is easy to recognize by price when white gold is classified as a high-end, high-priced, elaborately and sophisticatedly crafted women's product. Silver product lines will have softer prices. And you need to find out the price through reputable jewelry establishments to avoid being scammed, overpriced, etc.

  • Compare white gold and silver by oxidation level

Because Silver has oxidizing properties in humid environments and contains sulfur, it is easy to blacken and tarnish at a faster rate than white gold. The blackness of white gold will take longer, not as quickly as silver. Therefore, if two jewelry products, White Gold and Silver, are left for a period of time, you will easily be able to distinguish them through their discoloration.

Reasons to wear white gold instead of silver

White gold has high economic and aesthetic value. Because of these values, white gold can replace Platinum because of its durability, physical and chemical properties, with a brilliant white metallic color similar to Platinum but at a high price. Processing and manufacturing is much cheaper.

White gold has the same shape and color as platinum and silver but is cheaper than platinum and harder than silver.

White gold has good reflectivity, hardness and elasticity. This type of gold is guaranteed to withstand friction so there is little wear, deformation, or breakage when used

Gold has the property of not discoloring, not rusting, and not changing properties over time. White gold is a durable metal compound with a very long lifespan. Professional nano-coating technology for white gold jewelry when mixed with crystals makes the product hard, bright, and durable.

As for silver, although silver is easy to manipulate and not expensive, it always produces the newest products and suits customers' fashion trends. However, because silver often contains alloys, it easily reacts with the environment, creating dull black precipitates that stick to the surface after a long time of use. Those who suffer from this condition can polish it themselves with toothpaste or better yet, take it to a jeweler for professional cleaning. This is why you should wear white gold jewelry instead of silver jewelry.

Hopefully, through the above article of Cao Diamond . You have got the answer why you should choose white gold jewelry instead of silver.

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