Nowadays, choosing to order jewelry upon request is a trend that many people choose. So where is the most reputable address for custom diamond jewelry design? Let's find out in the article below.

Designer jewelry on the market today

Designer jewelry is a form of jewelry that requires. It is crafted to individual customer orders. The special feature of self-designed jewelry is its originality and exclusivity.

To create high-end, quality and beautiful diamond jewelry, enthusiasm and passion are essential. Passion will help the maker create beautiful wedding rings. This helps workers stay in the profession longer. Create beautiful quality products for consumers.

This is the bond that connects workers to this field for a longer time. And helps jewelry makers always innovate their thinking and learn a lot of new knowledge. Explore and apply many technologies, techniques as well as jewelry making directions in our country. This is a condition for workers to learn and develop themselves further.

Each customer will have their own idea of ​​the jewelry they need to own. From materials, patterns to shapes and volumes, everything is uniquely produced. Jewelers will rely on customers' ideas to create perfect products. That's why this jewelry will have a combination of customers and creative artisans.

Custom jewelry processing is popular with many customers. Especially people who understand the art of individuality, separateness and uniqueness. Because this type of jewelry is only one and there are no other copies like it.

What requirements does jewelry design need to follow?

Ordering wedding rings upon request is a service in which specialized and non-specialized jewelry stores produce and craft rings according to buyers' requests. Couples only need to make requests for:

Wedding ring material: Western gold (18k/14k...) or Ta gold, white gold or rose gold...

Ring design: Plain round rings, rings with sockets or other designs... (Can include photos or suggestions from the designer)

Ring design: Ring shape

Type of stone: What stone (Diamond, sapphire, ruby...) size, shape...

To engrave a name or not to engrave a name...

The hiring unit will proceed to make according to the couple's requests after measuring the ring size and signing the specific requirements together, so it is called ordering custom designed wedding rings.

Address to order custom designed jewelry

Are you wondering to find a reputable jewelry design unit? Cao Diamond will be the best suggestion for you. Cao Diamond is one of the reliable addresses to find diamond jewelry and daily wear jewelry at reasonable prices in HCM today.

Here, you will have many self-designed jewelry products upon request. From rings, bracelets, diamond bracelets to earrings, necklaces, etc. Cao Diamond always ensures the time to craft self-designed products for customers. This is what makes many customers hesitant about self-designed jewelry. At the same time, the reasonable price is also something that makes you feel secure

Why choose Cao Diamond as a jewelry design place?

A reputable, long-standing brand that not only does business but also produces diamond jewelry, so it always has a team specializing in professional and skilled jewelry production and processing to produce a pair of rings that closely matches the design.

There are many materials to support the most appropriate financial needs for all subjects.

Processing time is quick, just in time for the wedding day

Hopefully, with the above information, you have an ideal jewelry design address according to your requirements.

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