Expectations rise for the US holiday season. Retailers start promotions early and plan for longer Q4 sales periods to avoid overcrowding among last-minute shoppers. The shortage supports prices for polished diamonds after production is estimated to have fallen by 50% in 2020. Large quantities of new polished diamonds are expected to become available before the end of the year after rough diamond purchases resume. came out strongly in the third quarter. De Beers September revenue increased +57% to $467 million, Alrosa increased +28% to $328 million. GIA launches four digital synthetic diamond reports detailing the 4Cs and evaluation methods. CIBJO's new guidelines say lab-grown diamonds should have "product specifications" instead of grading reports to preserve the rarity of natural diamonds.

US: Positive sentiment as jewelers place orders for the holiday season. The contracts were signed as stable memorandums of understanding as retailers limit owned inventory in a Covid-19-dependent economy. Steady demand for round diamonds from 0.70 to 1.50 ct., GI, VS-SI to meet the growing wedding jewelry market. Cushion and oval diamonds also work well. Shortages of items have left dealers scrambling to replace goods they have sold.

Belgium: Markets are more cautious than in previous weeks due to a spike in coronavirus cases. Good demand in Europe due to limited tourism has caused dealers to focus on the local market. England, Germany and Italy are the strongest centers. Online sales are also strong. Rough diamond demand stabilizes after major sales by De Beers and Alrosa in September.

Israel: Business activity quiet as government extends post-Jewish holiday lockdown through at least October 18. Orders steady in US but slow in Far East, especially Hong Kong . Shortages support prices for some categories, but larger volumes of goods are expected to become available as production levels increase. Solid interest rates for 0.50 to 1 ct., DH VS-SIs. Square and rectangular diamonds are improving and prices are solid.

India: Trading steady, with steady demand for round diamonds, 1 ct., GJ, VS. Demand from local jewelers also increased. Polishing plants are operating at about 70% capacity as manufacturers prepare to increase holiday orders. Companies plan shorter Diwali holidays of five to seven days to boost sales. Good market for specially shaped diamonds over 1 ct.

Hong Kong: Retail sales slow during the key Golden Week shopping period due to a drop in tourism and weak consumer sentiment. Mainland China is more optimistic amid healthy local luxury spending. Tse Sui Luen warned of a $5.2 million loss in the first half of the financial year as coronavirus-related restrictions devastated sales in Hong Kong. Dealer demand is increasing for 1 to 2 ct., DH, VVS-VS diamonds.

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