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Diamond rings are an indispensable accessory for successful people. Together C Jewelry Diamond point through Top 10 luxurious diamond rings Best in the article below!

1. Wittelsbach-Graff Diamond Ring – 80 million US

The diamond ring weighs 32.06 carats with a dark blue color, and clearly shows off the sophistication in its craftsmanship. 3 experts participated in cutting diamonds to achieve perfection. This ring was discovered in the late 17th century in the Kollur Mine Guntur district in India. Initially, this most expensive ring in the world was owned by King Philip IV (Spain).

2. Pink Star Diamond Ring – 72 million USD

This diamond ring belonged to an auction house with the highest bid of 72 million USD. This auction was rumored to have failed because the secret bidder did not have enough money to pay. However, the ring actually found its owner, Isaac Wolf, a famous diamond cutter in New York, USA.

3. Graff Pink Ring – 46.2 million USD

The Graff Pink ring was offered for sale by Sotheby's auction house at an auction in Hong Kong. The actual asking price of this ring was only about 20 million USD, but the auction pushed its value up to 46.2 million USD. This ring was sold by the famous Harry Winston jewelry house 6 years ago. For many years afterward, the ring kept its owner a secret, and recently it was returned to its owner in Asia.

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4. Perfect Pink Diamond Ring – 23.2 million USD

This diamond ring set a record at Christie's auction in Hong Kong. Weighing 14.23 carats, the ring is cut into a rectangle, the pink color is quite unique and it is almost rare to find a pink diamond of such a large size. In fact, there are only about 18 diamonds weighing over 10 carats in the world that are auctioned.

5. Winston Blue ring – 23.8 million USD

The diamond ring is named after famous artist Harry Winston. The jade green ring is so perfect that there is not a single scratch, and is also the largest ring in the world.

6. Chopard Blue Diamond Ring – 16.26 million USD

Also one of the most expensive rings in the world, the Chopard Blue Diamond has a blue oval shape with a rim made of 18 carat white gold. The rim of the ring is embedded with many smaller white diamonds.

7. Vivid Yellow Ring – 16.3 million USD

This ring is truly gorgeous in both shape and color. The Vivid Yellow ring is extremely large, and is also one of the largest diamonds in the world. This is also the most expensive yellow diamond ring of all time. The ring was auctioned in Switzerland for up to 16.3 million USD.

8. Bulgari Blue Ring – 15.7 million USD

This blue diamond ring also set a record when sold for nearly 16 million USD. This is the largest blue ring with a triangular cross-section in the world.

9. Vivid Pink Ring – 11.8 million USD

An auctioneer at Christie's auction in Hong Kong conquered this beautiful ring. Compared to rings worth tens of millions of dollars, this Vivid Pink is only "small" but in terms of appearance, this ring is really beautiful. This pink diamond was found in South Africa, famous for being rare and beautiful to the point of perfection with a very beautiful color luster.

10. Blue Diamond – 10 million USD

This blue diamond ring was purchased by an anonymous person at an auction in Hong Kong. The price was initially expected to be only about 2.5 million USD, but in reality, dramatic developments in the auction pushed this ring to be three times more expensive.

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