Nowadays, proposing marriage is gradually becoming popular in Eastern countries. The appearance of the ring at the moment of proposal will surprise her. Because above all, she will understand that it is a testament to a sincere but very deep feeling. When choosing a ring, a boy needs to be delicate and know the girl's preferences to choose the right ring. Let's take a look at the top proposal ring designs that will captivate her heart with C Jewelry Diamond!

Proposal ring in love

Other than wedding ring As a couple, there is only one proposal ring, it is like a big surprise gift that the man gives to the woman he wants to marry. The ring is like a sincere promise to build a lasting home together. The marriage proposal comes from the West. When proposing, the man can kneel down to express all his feelings and express his desire to be with the girl. When the girl receives the ring, it means agreeing to join hands in building a marriage. build a family.

Solitaire engagement ring

This is the only ring model with a round-cut diamond, which is a classic engagement ring style loved by many women, especially women of the classic, romantic type. Possessing both graceful and elegant beauty, round-cut diamond engagement rings are capable of flattering any hand and are a ring that never goes out of fashion.

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Fancy diamond engagement ring
Fancy are diamond designs with fancy shapes such as: Princess (square), Heart (heart), Cushion, Emerald, Oval. Pear (drop of water).
With a variety of choices, Fancy diamond engagement rings suit many different personalities.
If your lover is a unique and flexible girl, a Cushion cut ring is the best accessory.

Pear is for modern and confident ladies.

Emerald: Suitable for bold, seductive and individualistic ladies

Oval: A palace for trendy and luxurious ladies.

Heart: For romantic and dreamy girls.

The diversity of designs and colors of Fancy diamond rings cannot be denied. You can choose the above shapes depending on your girlfriend's personality and preferences.

Halo proposal ring

The proposal ring can still captivate her with its sparkle and elegance. A Halo ring is a style of ring that has a central round diamond surrounded by a “halo” of smaller diamonds.

One of the most appealing aspects of Halo diamond engagement rings is how they can enhance the size of the host diamond. The ring style is therefore extremely suitable for diamonds under one carat as the slabs can enhance the size and fill out the ring finger.

Cathedral style diamond engagement ring

A ring model for sophisticated ladies who like sweetness but still want simplicity, the Cathedral engagement ring will capture her heart. Cathedral is a ring model with a stylized diamond band combined with a master stone. This is a line of rings with many models that have become hot hits for many brands.

Three stone engagement ring

A three-stone ring with 3 adjacent stones representing the past - present - future is the clearest proof of the couple's time in love. Not only does it affirm love in the past and present, it is also a promise to be together for the rest of our lives

Not only does it mean love, the three-stone ring also carries a sacred meaning of family. The three stones attached to the ring band represent Dad, Mom and children in the family. The Three Stone style truly makes couples irresistible because of the beauty and profound meaning that comes from this pair of wedding rings.

Above are the proposal ring styles that are loved by everyone around the world. So let's "pocket" the above styles to choose a perfect ring for the girl you love. Cao Diamond is a great place to choose a proposal ring. Here, in addition to available ring models, there is also a custom jewelry design and manufacturing service, so you can freely design a unique and meaningful ring for your other half.

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