Speaking of earrings, they are an indispensable accessory for women. And diamond earrings are increasingly popular among women. Nowadays, there are countless diamond earring models that make you confused about which model to choose? Let's find out Top beautiful and luxurious diamond earring models in the article below!

Simple 4-prong diamond earrings

Sample diamond earrings Simple 4-spoke design is a famous design for women throughout the ages.

The special feature of these simple earrings is that they focus entirely on the main diamond. The larger the diamond, the more it will stand out. This is the most popular design of all models because it satisfies many factors: beautiful, bright, luxurious, simple and economical.

This earring model is suitable for women who love simplicity and gentleness.

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1 round halo diamond earring model

The one-ring halo earring design is very popular today and the favorite is the one with a ring of diamonds around the base to create a unique beauty, making the flower look bigger and brighter.

The halo ring can be round, square or triangular. Depending on the wearer's preferences and personality, choose the appropriate earring shape.

Diamond earring model combined with plate diamonds

The design of these diamond earrings is very diverse with the combination of many diamonds making the overall pair of earrings more brilliant. Each plated diamond earring case product has a different style of beauty along with the main diamond to create wonderful works.

This is a type of earring with a large diamond in the middle and diamonds next to it. Not only suitable as a gift for girlfriends, this model is also suitable for use as luxurious diamond wedding earrings.

Star shaped earrings

A beautiful earring model from Cao Diamond that cannot be missed is the star-shaped earrings. The highlight of this earring model is the 5-pointed star shape, meticulously crafted, delicate and attractive. Besides, there is also the presence of sparkling natural diamonds on the jewelry surface, creating a strong attraction for this accessory. Under the hands of an experienced craftsman, the jewelry gives her graceful, feminine beauty, helping her to be confident and shine.

Pearl earrings model

Currently there are many types of pearl earrings on the market with many different sizes. These earrings combine gold with pearls to create a delicate beauty. Although the design is simple, it still helps women exude elegant beauty, charisma and elegance. Not only suitable for going to parties, simple pearl earrings are also suitable for going out, going to school,...

A pearl earring that is not too ostentatious yet delicate and luxurious will definitely satisfy those who love a feminine, gentle style.

Above are a few beautiful and luxurious diamond earring styles for girls. Hope you can rely on this and choose a pair of earrings that suit you.

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