White gold and platinum are two types of materials that many people confuse as one. However, the truth is that white gold is not platinum. So What is white gold ? Let's find out more in the article below.

What is white gold?

White gold is an alloy of yellow metal and other metals. Of which gold accounts for about 58.3% (14k gold) to 75% (18k gold), the rest are other precious metals such as: Palladium, Kiken, Platinum... Because during the processing process, the yellow color of gold no longer remains. but instead is white so it is called white gold. Although it is no longer yellow, white gold is still real gold and is still as valuable as other types of gold.

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Properties of white gold

The properties of white gold depend on the percentage of metals added. Depending on the purpose of use, people will choose the appropriate metal to add. For example, white gold to make rings or bracelets, the metal added is usually Nickel. Nickel has high hardness and durability. For jewelry with gemstones, soft and drinkable gold-paladium alloy is most suitable.

A more complicated way to create quality white gold is by adding metals such as silver, copper or platinum. White gold will then significantly increase its volume and durability. But crafting white gold alloy requires highly skilled workers.

The mixing ratio of 90% and 10% Nickel is a common mixing ratio used in the jewelry world. Copper can be added to increase the material's flexibility, and to reduce the copper color in white gold, zinc is used. In addition, white gold is also mixed with gold (accounting for 90%) - palladium - silver. The white color of white gold is ivory white. To have a bright white color, it is necessary to add a layer of Rhodium (a rare metal that is 10 times more valuable than pure gold) to create luxury and class for white gold.

After a period of use, white gold jewelry will lose its original white shine due to the loss of the polish layer. You will need to go to a jewelry store to have it re-plated.

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Advantages and disadvantages of white gold

  • Advantage

White gold is a precious and beautiful metal

Has the same shape as platinum and silver but is cheaper than platinum and harder than silver.

Neutral colors, suitable for mixing with outfits and accessories.

  • Defect

White gold is made from pure gold with alloys so it easily blackens.

It costs time and money to polish after long periods of use.

The simplest way to distinguish white gold and platinum.

White gold jewelry is very susceptible to discoloration, yellowing, or blacking after wearing it because it is made from gold combined with other metals, not pure gold, so it must be plated to make it shiny again.

As for platinum, its main color is white with a little gray tint, so when wearing platinum jewelry, it will be a bit discolored but just need to be polished a little to make it shiny again as before.

Because white gold is made from gold combined with other metals, it can irritate some people's skin, causing red, itchy rashes. Platinum is completely suitable for any skin type.

The luxurious, sparkling beauty of white gold jewelry is always attractive. Cao Diamond hopes to have provided you with useful information.

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