Each diamond has a unique attractive beauty. Brown diamonds, the most popular fancy diamonds. One of the 5 most famous chocolate diamonds in the world is the Incomparable Diamond. It has an extremely splendid and rare beauty. The stone weighs 407.48ct, Internally Flawless. The diamond is mounted on a unique necklace from the jewelry brand Mouawad. This is a unique necklace that is on the world record list. Let's explore the beauty of the most famous necklace!

What's more amazing about this piece? This diamond was known thanks to a little girl who accidentally found the diamond in original condition with an estimated weight of 890 carats while playing next to a field of rocks and garbage near her uncle's house in Mbuji Mayi town, Republic of the Congo.

In the 1980s, after being sold through numerous dealers and traders, this diamond underwent four years of research and cutting to reach its present-day perfection.

High-end fashion design company Mouawad is the creator of today's perfect L'Incomparable. The team of experts took more than 4 years to perfect the most expensive necklace in the world in 2013. They affirmed that the only thing this necklace lacked was "to beautify the beautiful neck of a queen or queen". a very special woman." At the upcoming jewelry fair in Singapore, only serious potential customers will have the opportunity to try on this expensive necklace. Due to its rarity and great value, L'Incomparable is extremely strictly protected.

L'Incomparable is a beautiful and rare design. In addition to the heaviest brown diamond in the world today, this jewelry model also stands out with 91 white diamonds of many different shapes, and 18K rose gold. . The total weight of the 91 white diamonds is 637 carats. This is a unique necklace that is on the world record list. The most expensive necklace in the world is L` Incomparable Diamond, estimated to be worth 55 million USD.

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