Surely many people wonder, "Why do I have to wear a wedding ring on my big day?" And when did this custom originate and why did it become so popular? Let's Cao Diamond learn about The meaning of wedding rings in marriage in the article below!

Origin of Wedding Rings

The engagement ring originated in ancient Egypt, is a circle symbolizing eternal circulation and the space inside it is like a gate. Betrothal rings were used during the Roman period, but did not take hold in the West until the 13th century.

It was customary for Roman men to give their lovers an engagement ring and a small key. The Romans believed that the engraved key was the key that symbolized the protection and appreciation of the husband's heart. With that, that key can unlock future prosperity.

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According to ancient Greek regulations, rings were worn on the 4th finger on the left hand (near the ring finger), because they believed that it contained a vein leading to the heart. In the 2nd century BC, Roman brides were given two rings, a gold ring to wear in public, and one made of iron, which she could wear while doing housework.

Meaning of wedding ring

When the wedding ring is placed on the hand, it is a symbol of the bond between two people, strong and lasting forever. Is this alone really proving their unity right from the moment of birth?

This clear symbol sends everyone an unmistakable message about marital status. The wedding ring is usually very simple with a beautiful design that does not go out of style over time.

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  • Wedding rings are a symbol of marriage

For the ancient Egyptians, the ring was associated with a supernatural force, a never-ending circle of eternal love. Later with the Greeks, when a girl accepted the ring, it also meant that she was bound both mentally and legally and was no longer free.

Today, we accept the ring as part of the wedding ceremony, a forever bond witnessed by both families.

Time gradually passes and customs also change significantly. Nowadays, not only do brides wear rings as a symbol of commitment, but most men also choose to wear rings to establish their integrity, an affirmation of their attachment to a person. women.

Unlike engagement rings, wedding rings are a pair for both men and women. In addition to the meaning of attachment and mutual trust, the wedding ring also symbolizes fidelity and longevity, and has a more serious meaning because since they exchanged wedding rings, they have officially become husband and wife. Their lives are no longer simply lived for themselves. Every time they look at the wedding ring on their hand, they always see their responsibility to their partner, whether happy, sad, difficult or happy. … then they will always be together and overcome it together.

Wedding rings are a pair and often have the same shape, very diverse materials can be gold, platinum, white gold... But the meaning of the ring never changes. A boy's ring is usually larger and simpler in design than a girl's wedding ring. In some countries, the wedding ring and engagement ring are worn on the same finger by the girl.

  • The ring does not have to be made of gold

In ancient Greece, they used iron because it symbolized durability. But later, it was replaced by gold and silver because this material is more beautiful, durable, and does not rust.

Diamond wedding rings are always one of the top choices of couples because of their beauty and meaning. Diamond is the hardest material on the planet, so it represents eternity in love. The enduring nature and extraordinary power of diamonds act as a practical connection between the strong, not easily separated love of couples.

  • Should I wear my wedding ring on my right hand or my left hand?

Most people wear their wedding ring on their left finger. However, some European women wear rings on their right fingers. Some Scandinavian women wear up to three rings: engagement ring, wedding ring, and motherhood ring.

Jewish brides wear rings on their index fingers, because that is the finger with which they point to the Torah when reading.

Puritans refused to wear rings because they considered jewelry frivolous.

  • Why is the wedding ring worn on the ring finger of the left hand?

There are many theories about why this finger symbolizes marriage. Both the ancient Greeks and Egyptians believed that a vein – called the vena amoris in Latin – ran directly from the finger to the heart.

In ancient England, a groom would slide the ring from the bride's thumb to the index and middle fingers, saying "In the name of father, son and god" and then put the ring on her finger. The free hand next to you – the ring finger of the left hand.

This practice was finally formalized in the 1950s when King Henry VIII's son wrote The Book of Common Prayer, which stated that modern Protestant weddings in England include oaths and formalities. determine by decree which finger the wedding ring will be worn at the wedding ceremony.

  • Men wear wedding rings

The fact that men must also wear wedding rings is a relatively new custom. Until the mid-20th century, almost only women wore wedding rings, perhaps to mark the day when women were considered a man's property or perhaps something like that. a form where women wear engagement rings and men do not.

When World War II broke out and many young men had to face leaving their beautiful young wives to go to war for long periods of time, they began to wear wedding rings as symbols. symbol of marriage and reminder of their wives.

It is a very romantic and love-filled action of a responsible man, that's why it has existed until today. In weddings, the groom is also given the ring by the bride on the wedding day.

The wedding ring is not only an inanimate object, a piece of jewelry, but also contains a profound meaning of love and marriage. Based on the meaning of wedding rings that this article shares, hopefully you will have more useful information to be able to choose special wedding rings when walking with your partner on the wedding day!

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